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Definition: prolorus [proh-lawruh s]
noun: a flexible process software solution that allows users to easily navigate business-specific processes and managers to govern.

Prolorus is the vision of a group of friends who have a single-minded approach to delivering great solutions aligned to an organisation’s vision as well as customer service second to none in software implementations.

Our technology is a disruptor to the market as it is cost-effective, flexible and scalable but also built on the latest of technology platforms. The resulting design is both a combination of lessons learnt (the hard way) from previous roles as well as our aspiration to deliver cutting-edge technology that delivers time and time again for our customers.

Our philosophical approach to business and our software is to say ‘yes’ as much as possible while ensuring robustness, supportability and scalability. We will be supporting this with ambitions to be carbon neutral, and so when we select suppliers and partners we will be looking for them to be focused on this and support our ambitions for a greener planet. Two areas we have started with are sustainable hosting and travel with carbon offsetting.

The people we employ all have reputations for the highest levels of customer service, and our successful long term relationships confirm our approach consistently delivers successful outcomes to our clients.

Our Key People


Simon is our CEO and co-owner of Prolorus. He has over 20 years’ experience delivering software solutions and it is his vision for better business and his unique customer-centric approach that sets Prolorus apart.

Simon believes it’s about understanding, not prescribing, which will deliver the best solution – no preconceived ideas or perceptions! The results are solutions that reflect organisations’ current business needs and future aspirations. Providing clients with a tailored solution without the need for costly development or large project teams.

Simon spent 7 years as an Executive Manager developing and implementing a workflow engine before leaving to start Prolorus. His ambitions for Prolorus are to operate a business with a strong social and environmental conscience, to continually reinvest in doing things better, while continuing to deliver cost-effective tailored solutions to the world.

While Simon has a passion and commitment to deliver optimised processes for HR departments, he is always happy to get involved and engage with any business to deliver value through tailored systems that align to an organisation’s strategy.


Tommy is our Chief Technology Officer and co-owner of Prolorus.

He has spent the last 20 years designing, implementing and supporting software solutions around the world. Tommy’s reputation was built working in complex areas such as payroll and time and attendance. However in recent times, he has spent time working across numerous fields of human resources, health and safety, and generally working with clients to improve their business processes.

Tommy is the driving force behind the Prolorus platform, its architecture and how it delivers on our vision for being better. Tommy is passionate about being able to deliver robust and innovative solutions for organisations who want to streamline and improve their business now and into the future. His commitment to improvement drives constant innovation for better ways for both the customer to achieve their desired results and the flexibility and speed at which the Prolorus platform can be configured.

Tommy’s ambitions for Prolorus are to ensure the platform continues to evolve and flourish to meet the dynamic needs of our clients today and for years to come!

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